Runescape Dungeoneering Tips

For a while now I’ve been putting off training dungeoneering. It was new to me, I didn’t fully understand it and the rewards weren’t appealing, especially with F2P. I got tired of seeing the ugly one in my stat list so I headed over to daemonheim and decided to get to training. After many painstaking hours I realized I was training wrong and wasting lots of time. Once I learned how to train the levels actually came quick and I started enjoying it more and more. Here’s a few things to help you avoid the pitfalls I ran into. The skill can be confusing when you first start so start easy. You’ll learn as you go. Your first dungeon is going to be floor 1 with complexity 1. You should do solo floors (floors with just you) to get your complexity up. Just do a floor and when you finish start another with the next complexity. Do this until you can do complexity 6. This complexity gives you the most xp per floor so from here on out you should always do complexity 6. Yes this means there are puzzles, but if you get stuck just pop on google and you’ll find many solutions. Keep your prestige high. Each floor has an experience value and each player has a prestige. The total xp awarded is an average of the two. This mean high prestige = more experience, so keep it high. To do this always do EVERY SINGLE floor available to you and don’t ever repeat floors. To start reset your current progress. This will wipe out your progress so you can start at floor 1. You should now go through floors 1 by 1 until you reach your maximum floor. When you do, reset again and start at floor 1. Your prestige will grow and grow and you’ll get more exp every time you do it. Train with others. I can’t stress this enough. I was getting a few thousand exp doing floors by myself and then I did one floor with a group of 5. It was in the low 20’s and I typically got 3-4k exp doing it myself. With the group I got a whopping 22k exp!!!! I never do floors by myself again. Head to world 7, there are always people there looking for groups. Find one with your floor, it might take a few min but it will be worth it. Make sure the floor difficulty matches the number of people. If there are 3 it should be 3, if there are 5 it should be 5. Yes, doing a floor with 5 people on difficulty 3 (5:3) is easier but you get more experience for doing the same floor with 3 people (3:3). Keep at it. As you get to the higher levels you will get lots of experience. Just remember to reset your progress when you hit your max floor to keep the experience coming.