Gold or Money Making Strategies in World of Warcraft

In this article I will explain to you quite a few moneymaking strategies in the popular online game called World of Warcraft. Making money in World of Warcraft is not as hard as most people believe it is, in all reality making money in World of Warcraft can come down to doing small tasks that when done together will vastly impact the amount of gold you generate. The first three tips of this guide is directed at players who are currently leveling and can’t seem to make much money while doing so, but it will include quite a few tips that can be helpful to any level player. The fourth and final strategy I reveal is for people who are interested in making extreme amounts of gold and have a decent amount saved up already.
The first tip that I will give you is to play solo and not in a group most of the time, this is common sense when questing or grinding levels because you split the loot you gain from the monsters you kill instead of keeping all the items and gold. The only two exceptions to this rule may be instances/raids and group quests because of the increased rewards of these two options.

Another great tip is to pick up two gathering professions, gathering professions will bring you a great steady source of income. I would suggest picking up skinning and either mining or herbalism because then you can track either mining or herbalism in your minimap and skin any beasts you kill. Most other professions will require you to put gold into them in order to receive any gold back and it will take a while before you make real gold with those professions. I advise you to sell all of the herbs, ores, and skins you acquire from these two professions on the auction house, if you do this you will be pulling in good amounts of gold even while leveling. There are a few add-ons that you can get to make gathering very much easier such as Gatherer, Cartographer, or Carbonite.

The third tip I will give you is to make an auction house or bank alt. What a bank alt does is basically sit in a major city close to an auction house and a mailbox and put the items that you send to it on the auction house. This works great when you’re leveling because it frees up your hearthstone to be bound at a local quest hub rather than a major city, it will also save you loads of time instead of running back to the city all the time. This should keep your mains bags from being full all of the time as well.

My fourth and final method of making money on World of Warcraft is probably the best way to make money on the game available today, manipulation of the auction house. Auction House manipulation, if done right, can make large lumps of gold roll in but it also requires a decent size startup fee and invested time. What you will be doing is investing your money into items at low points in the economy and then sitting on that large amount of the item for long periods of time until the prices of that item jump. With this method you will be taking lots of risks because of the randomness of a lot of prices which can be unpredictable but when you invest in the correct items you will make amazing amounts of gold. A way to make a items price jump on the auction house faster (if you have enough money) is to buy out that item whenever it is posted by another person so then you cause demand to go up due to supply being dropped down very low. The longer you can buy out the items and cause people to be without them the higher the prices will shoot and then when the prices are very high you can sell small amounts of the item for more than you bought them for thus generating a very large profit. The one downside of this method is that you must have money to make money, the more money you have the more profit you generate from the items you invest into. (Two add-ons NEEDED for this method are Auctioneer and Postal)

Well that’s all I have for now thank you for reading my guide and I hope you enjoyed it and benefit from it, feel free to leave comments.