World of Warcraft Shadowlands Rogue Levelling Guide


The levelling process has drastically changed in the Shadowlands, ranging from the experience rate to mounts, consumables, addons, etc. However, Rogue class has always been a little sluggish due to the slow generating resources, but you need not worry because it improves as you gain higher levels and new abilities that can help improve your energy and combo points. Since Rogues don’t have access to such benefits from the very start, the levelling process can get a little boring, but with time, if you have the right amount of patience, then the abilities and perks that you gain at higher levels are completely worth it.

As you level up, you will also gain access to some of the most powerful defensive abilities in the game, which is quite necessary to obtain for completing quests where you have to kill dreadful enemies with high mana and health pools. In the following wow rogue levelling guide, we will show you the most efficient way to level up your Rogue character. So, we suggest that you keep reading further.

Shadowlands Rogue: Best Levelling Specializations

Out of the three available specs, we recommend that you go for Subtlety because it’s the best rogue levelling spec for levelling up your Rogue character in this wow rogue levelling guide. Not only does it offer the best single-target burst damage, but also allows you to finish off your enemies within seconds (jumping enemy to enemy). In addition, it also has a great self-healing tool in comparison to the other specializations, which means you don’t have to sit around and take breaks to regenerate your health. Yes, its AOE damage isn’t as good as the other specializations, but it’s only behind a few margins so it doesn’t affect much.

Outlaw is another one of the best rogue levelling spec as it has its own smooth process to complete the levelling phases. During your journey, you will come across some intriguing maintenance buffs that freshen your playstyle, as well as mid-range abilities so that you can damage the far away enemies. It has an amazing AOE damage output, burst damage, and lower cooldowns on its defensive abilities.

Assassination might feel to you like the most sluggish specialization as it entirely relies upon the passive abilities that help boost the resource generation rate. However, even though that’s a plus point, most of them aren’t available until later on. If you do want to go for this specialization, we recommend that you switch when you’re at least level 40 as the most efficient abilities are gained during those levels. Other than that, it has a decent single and multi-target damage output so if you’re more towards playing as a damage overtime melee specialization, then you know what to choose.

Shadowlands Rogue: Abilities

Levels 3 to 24

At level 3, you unlock the ability called Cheap Shot, which is an ability used from the stealth category, and it helps stun the enemy target for four seconds. At level 4, you unlock the ability called Fleet Footed, which helps increase your base movement speed by 15%, while reducing the damage you take during a fall. At level 5, you unlock the ability called Sprint, which helps increase your speed by 70% for a duration of eight seconds. At level 10, you unlock the ability called Instant Poison, which provides a chance to deal damage when you strike a target with melee, and it lasts for about 60 minutes. At level 24, you unlock the ability called Pick Lock & Pick Pocket, which gives you the power to unlock chests, lockboxes, locked doors, etc., and steal lockboxes, respectively, for items or world of warcraft gold.

Levels 25 to 34

At level 25, you unlock the ability called Safe Fall, which decreases the damage that you take in during a fall. In other words, you can easily jump off cliffs, roofs, or ledges with ease. At level 28, you unlock the ability called Distract, which targets a specific area, causing mobs to stop their movements and face the center of the targeted circle. It’s quite useful to stop patrols from interrupting during an ongoing fight or to turn a number of mobs from coming at you together. At level 31, you unlock the ability called Sprint, which is the same ability as mentioned before but has its cooldown reduced to a minute. At level 32, you unlock the ability called Shiv, which is a stronger version of your non-lethal poison cast on a single target. At level 34, you unlock the ability called Crippling Poison, which, when afflicted on a target, has its speed reduced by 50%.

Levels 38 to 54

At level 38, you unlock the ability called Feint, which helps reduce the damage taken from an area that is affected with a spell or ability by 40%. At level 38, you unlock the ability called Wound Poison, which helps reduce the effectiveness of a healing effect on an enemy target by 8% (it can be stacked up to three times). At level 48, you unlock the ability called Tricks of the Trade, which transfers the generated threat over to a friendly player (since it’s usable on friendly targets) for six seconds. At level 48, you unlock the ability called Shroud of Concealment, which is also usable on a friendly target/party member within the area surrounding you. Using it will allow the players to move while being stealth-ed, but they can be detected by hostile targets easily. A good recommendation would be to use it with the ability called Distract to allow your group to stealth past the enemies. Finally, at level 54, you unlock the ability called Numbing Poison, which, when used on a target, reduces their attack and casting speed by 15%. However, you can only have one non-lethal ability active at a given time (remember that).

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