Five PS1 RPGs that Deserve Sequels

I’ve been gaming since the days of the original NES, but when I really fell in love with my gaming hobby was when the PS1 was in its heyday. One of the reasons the PS1 was so successful was its strong selection of games it had. It especially had some really great RPGs. It was the RPGs that really got me to fall in love with gaming to where it was more than just a way to kill a couple of minutes. Some games had followups, but there were quite a few amazing games that never got the sequel they deserve.
The Legend of Dragoon

This was the game that started it all for me. I played a demo of the game from some disc out of a gaming magazine someone bought for me and went on a manhunt to find The Legend of Dragoon. This game brought an innovative battle system for its time that stands the test of time even today. It wasn’t just bashing “X” all the time and was incredibly fun and the games best point. The Legend of Dragoon had a good story and good characters as well, even if they were cliche they played there archetype roles very well. The story was wrapped up pretty good in the game, but the world the game is set in could have the potential to start up another plot-line years later using the same essentials of the game the Dragoon spirits. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a prequel set in the Dragon Campaign.


The Xenosaga games were made on the PS2 and some may look at them as a sequel to Xenogears. Those games however are just a reinvisioning of a part of the Xenogears timeline that wasn’t told. Xenogears was a game of epic proportions for its time and all time. Xenogears, the game itself, was the fifth “episode” of an envisions six part series. The story, characters, and amazing philosophical and psychological aspects of the game are unlike any other. It really leaves any gamer wanting to experience another Xenogears type game, and while the game covered so much it built a whole universe up left to expound upon.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Now i know everyone is going to be shoving their copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in my face, but that’s like saying Megaman X is a sequel to Megaman 8. They really are like apples and oranges. One of the things that made Final Fantasy Tactics so great was its deep storyline it had going and the general tone of the game. The shoddy translation of the original hurt it in some instances but the game had a real gritty feel that matched its story like no other. The remake of the game even furthers its strong points, but who wouldn’t love a whole new chapter to Final Fantasy Tactics with its great storytelling and presentation.

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross was a sequel itself and many people don’t think it was up to par with its predecessor. In its own right though it was a great game. It boasted an unreal amount of characters you could play from, only rivaled by the suikoden series. It also had one of the most amazing soundtracks that has been produced. There should really be another Chrono Cross game made to add more to the story and tie in all the games even further. When a game has you going in between different dimension or traveling time the possibilities are endless!

Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story was even grittier than Final Fantasy Tactics. It had an ambiance and feel to it that I’ve yet to see matched in any game. The storyline was amazing as well. Vagrant Story needs a sequel for a lot of the same reason as Final Fantasy Tactics. Its really a shame that there hasn’t been another game that brought as dark and poetic a feel to the video game industry as this and that Vagrant Story wasn’t further expounded upon. Even if we don’t get a sequel I’d love to see a remake, can you imagine this game with PS3 graphics and an excellent voice-acting cast?